A Celebration for Kemper!

I received a text that a little baby girl from Lawler, IA was being rushed by ambulance to the hospital in Iowa City due to Tricuspid Atresia. My heart ached for sweet baby Kemper and her family. Today we celebrate the successful Glenn Procedure she had 6 months ago! Her mother, Emily, tells us what she learned during that scary time...

The memory of Kemper's Glenn Procedure is still fresh in our minds.

The five days that we were in the hospital were a whirlwind of emotions and information for us to take in. We were very blessed to have a great staff of doctors and nurses while we stayed there.

At the time of discharge a social worker came and asked if we had any concerns. I didn't think that was anything we needed. I connected with a mother through the Heart Friends program that the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital offers, and she suggested talking to one. We discovered that a social worker can do a lot more for us than we ever thought! After connecting with one, they helped us with secondary insurance options and the Area Education Agency (AEA) program.

Our daughter's CHD is something she will deal with the rest of her life. Luckily, we have had a great start dealing with her diagnosis. And as scary as it started for everyone, things are going well now.

To read more about Kemper's story click here.

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