Key Acronym: CHD and CCHD

I copied this definition of CCHD straight from because it was just so perfect.

"CCHD is Critical Congenital Heart Disease. Critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) represents a group of heart defects that cause serious, life-threatening symptoms and requires intervention within the first days or first year of life. CCHD is often treatable if detected early. It can encompass abnormalities in the rhythm of the heart, as well as a wide array of structural heart problems. These problems can range from mild (never requiring cardiac surgery), to severe (requiring multiple different stages of open heart surgeries). CCHD can involve abnormal or absent chambers, holes in the heart, abnormal connections in the heart, and abnormalities in the function or squeeze of the heart. Most congenital heart conditions affect patients from childhood through adulthood."

My added notes on this subject:

Some use the word "defect" and "disease" interchangeably. Tomato, tomahto. For the purpose of this blog (and to keep life simple), I will be using the word "defect". You may also encounter people who define CCHD as "complex" congenital heart defect/disease. In my mind, this is the same thing as a "critical" congenital heart defect, just different wording. Potato, potahto.